At Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital and Colorado Exotic Animal Hospital we are not only dedicated to caring for exotic animals, but also ensuring that future health care providers are educated to care for the unique needs of these “non-traditional” species. We provide residencies, internships, and externships to veterinarians and veterinary students. We also provide externships for veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants in approved programs. Through our education programs we are able to provide exposure to a variety of species and guidance for practitioners.

Our Education Philosophy

What sets us apart from other hospitals is that our educational experiences are geared toward exotic animals exclusively. Doctors meet for educational rounds 4 days a week. These rounds involve discussions of various topics, journal articles, and radiographic interpretation. With the various specialists available these provide grounds for a wealth of knowledge. Additionally, wetlabs are held  where important hands-on skills are taught to veterinarians. Senior clinicians are either in the hospital or just a phone call away to provide support when needed.


When it comes to our residency programs we offer both an ABVP Reptile/Amphibian residency and an ABVP Avian residency (only at our Arizona hospital locations). Our programs are 2 years long and provide focus on these unique species, though other exotic pets will be managed by veterinarians. We work with private clients, zoological institutions, wildlife centers and state and federal programs to get our residents the variety and exposure they need to become specialistists in their field.

Internships and Externships

Our exotic pet specialty internship program is a one year commitment. During this time veterinary interns are directly managing cases as well as observing senior clinicians to gain the knowledge and skills they require to work in private practice or be eligible for a residency program. Our internship program is through the Veterinary Internship and Residency Match Program. You can find us by searching under avian or exotic internships. 

We host veterinary students for externships at all of our hospital locations at this time. Our rotations are 2 to 4 week time periods where students are able to observe clinicians and learn about management of various illnesses in exotic pets. Additionally we will offer externships for veterinarians in rotating internships and to veterinary students at other stages of their career. These are observational experiences for participants.

Veterinary Technicians and Technician Assistant students in certificate programs can also spend time with us to complete program requirements.

Current Opportunities

If you are interested in any of our positions, whether you are a practicing exotics pet veterinarian or a student interested in one of our programs please feel free to reach out to us.

Contacts (Please do not email our reception email for any of the following):

-Associate veterinarian positions only:


-Residency/Internship/Externship/Students only: Dr. Anthony Pilny: 

-Mesa, AZ Technician externships: Brandon Wimmer:

-Phoenix, AZ Technician externships: Karisma Cruz:

-Tucson, AZ Technician externships: Natasha Sonoqui:



Veterinary residency, internship and veterinary school student externs only: Dr. Anna-Marie Ruoff:

Denver, CO Technician externships: Joy Blanchard:

Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to accommodate pre-vet students, veterinary technician students, or volunteers.