Veterinary Services

Medical and Surgical Services

We are staffed with highly trained and experienced exotic pet doctors and veterinary technicians. We do not see dogs and cats which allows for a better focus on the pets we do see. We provide basic to advanced veterinary care. Video endoscopy, ultrasonography, high definition digital radiography, radiosurgery, and other special equipment are available to help your pet. In addition to a large pharmacy of medications that are used in the hospital or sent home, hormone implant therapy, oxygen therapy, nebulization, and other treatments can also be provided.

Our in-house laboratory includes video microscopy for fecal testing, cytologies, and special staining. The blood testing machine is able to run tests on patients as small as parakeets.

At times, samples will need to be sent to outside labs. We use several labs that specialize in exotic diagnostic testing.

Hospitalization is tailored to meet the unique needs of exotic pets.

Heated incubators with oxygen are available for surgical recovery and critical care.

We accept patients directly or as referrals from other veterinarians. Referrals can be complete case transfers or for specific testing or procedures with reporting back to your regular veterinarian.

Rest assured your pet will receive the best care available while at the hospital.

Daytime Emergency Services

We understand the stress and concern that occurs when you have an unexpected problem with your pet. We request that you call in advance when bringing your pet in for an emergency so we can set up needed equipment in preparation of your arrival. ARIZONA: If your pet's emergency is after 10pm, you will need to take them to The Veterinary Emergency Group in Chandler or Phoenix.


We are experienced in providing grooming services for exotic pets. Grooming services include beak, wing, and nail trims for birds; nail trims for guinea pigs and other small mammals; hoof trims for potbellied pigs and other small livestock; etc. If you are unsure whether your exotic pet requires routine grooming, please give us a call.

Boarding (AZ Locations only) 

We offer short term and long term boarding for most exotic pet species. We currently do not offer boarding services for companion livestock such as potbellied pigs and goats.

In-Hospital Pharmacy

Our hospital has a large pharmacy stocked with medications commonly prescribed for exotic pets. We strive to provide the best medications possible to our patients and individually tailor them for your pet’s acceptance. Our extensive experience has given us knowledge of the different forms of medication available and specific flavors that exotic pets prefer.

There are times we may not have a specific medication your pet needs or you may wish to have a prescription filled at another pharmacy. When choosing an outside pharmacy to fill prescription medications for your pet, please ask the pharmacy the following questions:

  • Does the pharmacy have a Veterinary Pharmacist on staff?
  • How often do they fill veterinary prescriptions?
  • Can they provide information on side effects and drug interactions to be aware of for your pet?
  • Do they use FDA approved medications or bulk powders from other countries such as China for making their prescriptions?

Your pet’s health is important to us and we want to ensure that any prescriptions we prescribe are effective in resolving your pet’s health problems.

House calls (AZ Locations only)

WE ARE CURRENTLY UNABLE TO OFFER NEW HOUSECALL VISITS AT THIS TIME. If we have done one previously, please call to discuss with reception if we can accommodate.

Payment Options

We accept many payment types including: cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Care Credit. We do not accept checks.


PLEASE NOTE: A deposit is required to book all appointments for consultations and for surgical procedures. This deposit will then be applied to your invoice. Deposits are non-refundable if you fail to cancel, reschedule, or show up for your pet's appointment.