Ray has nearly a decade of experience in the animal industry. They have worked in shelters and vet clinics throughout their home state of Mississippi, as well as a five year stint managing a pet supply store. They have been obsessed with animals from a very young age.

Ray could usually be found looking for critters in their backyard or in the woods behind their childhood home. Ray brought home many confused turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs, and even a baby bat. Now they know better about catching wildlife and bringing them home, but that hasn’t stopped the obsession with critters. Ray is the proud parent of a pit bull mix named Huxley May, a four-year old betta named Miami, a few aquatic snails, and a crested gecko named Maple who hates everyone (but is very well-loved despite his grumpiness). Ray has a special interest in freshwater fish and hopes to get back into breeding again soon. Their favorite fish are plakat bettas, bristlenose plecos, and peacock gudgeons. Ray loves rodents, reptiles, pups, fish, and everything in between. In their free time, Ray loves reading, playing cozy games, watching movies, playing board games, knitting, and cross-stitching.